Welcome back everyone, the season has resumed.


The following is subject to no changes in government policy regarding pub openings, masks etc.  All teams will still need to comply with the hosts rules with regards to social distancing and mask policies.

Due to the government postponing "No mask Monday" by 4 weeks until July 19th, we shall be restarting the league on July 26th. Weeks 2 - 4 will be on August 2nd, 9th & 16th.


The AGM will now be on Thursday August 19th at the Miners Welfare Club @ 8pm. All teams will need a representative at the meeting as will anyone wanting to join the league.

Following the Bank Holiday, the new season will commence on September 6th.



The following is subject to no changes in government policy regarding pub openings, masks etc.  All teams will still need to comply with the hosts rules with regards to social distancing and mask policies.


The Darts & Dominoes league will resume the 2019/2020 season on June 28th 2021. The four remaining weeks will take us upto July 19th. There will be no end of season knockouts.


The AGM will take place on Thursday July 22nd at 8pm at the Miners Welfare Club. Teams (new & old) wishing to participate in the new season should be in attendance.


We shall have a 1 week break (July 26th) to allow time to generate next seasons fixtures.  The new season will commence on August 2nd.


It is anticipated that some players may not want to return so soon after lockdown restrictions are eased and that teams might struggle to raise a full team during the remaining 4 weeks of the current season.  FOR THIS 4 WEEK PERIOD ONLY, we are relaxing the league rules and allowing teams to play non-registered players, ladies included.



OK, I am sensing that we will hopefully be returning to some form of normality soon. With this in mind, we will be having a delegates meeting next Thursday 27th May at the Miners Welfare Club at 8pm.

Please bring any questions, observations or concerns to the meeting.


DAVID "STAN" BAXTER  Funeral  -  03/06/2021

Stan's funeral arrangements are as follows......


10:30am - Stan will arrive at his mum's house on Elliott st, Tyldesley.

11:30am - Stan will leave his mum's house and set off for St Richards Church, Atherton.

12pm - Requiem Mass at St Richards Church

Obviously numbers are restricted in the Church but people wanting to pay their respects are welcome outside the house 10:30am - 11:30am, to line the route of his final journey (along Elliott st or on the market) or outside the church at noon.


Due to the "Rule of Six", we could not hold a proper meeting on September 27th.  We did however manage to get the views of a number of the delegates that night and everyone was of the opinion that they wanted the league to resume ASAP.  However, we all realised that the league could not resume whilst the "Rule of Six" was still in place.  Secondly, when the league does resume, we will be completing the last 4 weeks of the existing season.  

We will need another meeting before any league resumption as we need to discuss what needs to be done to permit meeting & playing together.  We also need to decide whether or not we can play any of the usual end of season knockouts depending on the laws at that time.


So in summary, we are nowhere near resuming the league yet but I can assure everyone that we have every intention of resuming at the first opportunity.



Hi everyone, Ian and I have decided that it is time for the league delegates to have a meeting to discuss the continuation of the league.  The meeting will take place at the Miners Welfare Club on Thursday September 17th at 8.30pm.  Social distancing means that we are asking all teams to limit themselves just to the single delegate wherever possible.

In the next 10 days we request that delegates speak to their teams to gauge their views on whether they are happy to resume playing or not. Please ask them for any suggestions or opinions they may have and bring them to the meeting. For instance, we will need to discuss any PPE requirements for everyone to be as safe as possible.

The government website does not forbid the playing of darts and dominoes, just makes the guidance with regards to maintaining social distancing of multiple households. That is the first major obstacle to restarting the league, particularly 4 players sat around a single domino table. Another obstacle would be any limitation on how many players can a venue hold.

We therefore need the delegates to also speak to the pub landlords too. The landlord's opinions are absolutely vital as I am unsure of the legal position, but it might affect their licence if social distancing requirements are flaunted. Would they be able to accommodate around 25 players on a Monday night? What is the maximum that they could host if we were to start again?  Have they implemented any other changes such as closing earlier due to reduced numbers.


Due to the current situation in the UK, the league has been suspended for the foreseeable future.  It is my intention that when the league does resume, that we will continue with the fixtures originally planned for March 16th.  This will be confirmed at a later date when we see how the situation develops.

The next meeting was planned to take place at the Union Arms on April 16th.  This date seems impossible now and a new date will be given when known.


Following the reduction of the league to thirteen teams, the delegates have decided on the following two actions to recuperate any financial losses of having one less team in the league.

1.  The top three teams (in each league) will now be paid out as previously.  The teams finishing in fourth place will now qualify for the teams KO finals night, ensuring a cash prize.  Teams finishing from 5th to 13th will play in the teams KO as previously.  Three qualifying teams will then join the fourth placed team in the teams KO finals night.

2.  Each team will now pay £15 per month for the monthly draw rather than £12 as before.

Delegates Meetings :

Miners Welfare - AGM - August 19th, 8pm

Union Arms ~ ??? ~ 8pm

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