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The next meeting will take place at the Windmill (Greyhound) on February 13th.  League fees of £30 and monthly draw of £15 as normal.  Dominoes KO at £4 per are also due. 

Following the reduction of the league to thirteen teams, the delegates have decided on the following two actions to recuperate any financial losses of having one less team in the league.

1.  The top three teams (in each league) will now be paid out as previously.  The teams finishing in fourth place will now qualify for the teams KO finals night, ensuring a cash prize.  Teams finishing from 5th to 13th will play in the teams KO as previously.  Three qualifying teams will then join the fourth placed team in the teams KO finals night.

2.  Each team will now pay £15 per month for the monthly draw rather than £12 as before.

Delegates Meetings :

Windmill ~ February 13th ~ 8pm

Mort Arms ~ March 12th ~ 8pm

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